Driving in the winter comes with hazards, but not everyone has the luxury of staying off the roads when the cold weather season arrives. Putting winter tires and wiper blades on a vehicle helps. Neither protects against salt on the roads, though. Is there anything you could do to take precautions against salt corrosion?

Preventive treatment sprays exist, and using them could lend some protection. Missing spots or otherwise applying the spray improperly could lead to problems. Taking the vehicle to a professional service to get the protective coating could be a much better strategy.

Driving through snow or puddles increases the chances of salt exposure. If the car does become exposed, getting the underside cleaned seems advisable. A local car wash could handle the job.

Do you want your car to be in shape for the upcoming Clinton, MI winter? Set a service appointment at Suburban Chevrolet of Clinton for routine maintenance and seasonal winter service.

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